Monday, June 6, 2011

Gazebos! (oo that was a big one)

It's summer time and I thought the title of today's blog might help me to get a few hits! I do have a gazebo anecdote but it is a very small one. I'll put it in somewhere without warning, so that those of you who googled 'gazebos' with a view to researching and perhaps buying one will have to read on to discover when it appears.The same goes for those of you who were searching for  hayfever remedies (I've gazebo'd several times during the course of this blog already) and if you were looking for something saucier altogether, there's something for you later too; see if you can spot it.
 I am warning you that I am alerted when anyone visits my page and the visitor is clearly identifiable. So, if you find yourself here and don't subscribe, I will hunt you down like a dog.
That said, Welcome to The Tornado Files.
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