Monday, September 19, 2011

What's that about?

When your mate feels it's her God given right to come into your house and tell you what's wrong with it twice a week; what's that about?

Then she gives you a voucher for free window cleaning for a year. What's that about?

When she gives you the name of her plumber and then keeps popping in when he's there. What's that about?

When she travels 3 hours each way to help you to rehouse a dog she hates and doesn't moan when you cry all afternoon then bring it back again; what's that about?

When she can't serve a compliment, without 2 criticisms for desert; What's that about?

When every time her kid misbehaves, she retells the time when your kid did; what's that about?

When she comes round in the middle of the night to calm your hysteria;what's that about?

When she cannot say a good word to her daughter;what's that about?

When she defends you even if you don't deserve it; what's that about?

When she treats you like an idiot because you don't agree with her;what's that about?

When she'll do anything to help; what's that about?

When she snaps at you because she knows she's in the wrong; what's that about?

When you blog about your friend, what's that about?

Things to do with a shower curtain

    • Things to do with shower curtains; sit, wrap,              shelter, fashion into a skirt, have a shower, pretend to be a shower, run a puppet booth, do magic tricks (the floating ball is always a winner) repair a tent, make a tent, make bandages (though they'd be a bit crap) make a flag, lie on the beach, lie in the mud, cut a hole and make a poncho, rig up a partition, provide a makeshift loo door in the middle of a field , tie yourself to your friend so you don't get lost -either pissed or in busy shopping malls, shred and use as strips for waxing (ouch!), bedding for gerbils, making steam puddings,wedding veil,turban,use for packing your toothbrush, pants and wetwipes in, tying to the end of a long stick and leaving home to seek your fortune . x

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