Monday, September 19, 2011

Things to do with a shower curtain

    • Things to do with shower curtains; sit, wrap,              shelter, fashion into a skirt, have a shower, pretend to be a shower, run a puppet booth, do magic tricks (the floating ball is always a winner) repair a tent, make a tent, make bandages (though they'd be a bit crap) make a flag, lie on the beach, lie in the mud, cut a hole and make a poncho, rig up a partition, provide a makeshift loo door in the middle of a field , tie yourself to your friend so you don't get lost -either pissed or in busy shopping malls, shred and use as strips for waxing (ouch!), bedding for gerbils, making steam puddings,wedding veil,turban,use for packing your toothbrush, pants and wetwipes in, tying to the end of a long stick and leaving home to seek your fortune . x

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