Monday, September 19, 2011

What's that about?

When your mate feels it's her God given right to come into your house and tell you what's wrong with it twice a week; what's that about?

Then she gives you a voucher for free window cleaning for a year. What's that about?

When she gives you the name of her plumber and then keeps popping in when he's there. What's that about?

When she travels 3 hours each way to help you to rehouse a dog she hates and doesn't moan when you cry all afternoon then bring it back again; what's that about?

When she can't serve a compliment, without 2 criticisms for desert; What's that about?

When every time her kid misbehaves, she retells the time when your kid did; what's that about?

When she comes round in the middle of the night to calm your hysteria;what's that about?

When she cannot say a good word to her daughter;what's that about?

When she defends you even if you don't deserve it; what's that about?

When she treats you like an idiot because you don't agree with her;what's that about?

When she'll do anything to help; what's that about?

When she snaps at you because she knows she's in the wrong; what's that about?

When you blog about your friend, what's that about?

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