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In these pages, you'll find the hitherto unpublished or removed blogs. Quality control is stringent in Golightlyland, but I publish these for the greater good, as a warning against blogging when you: aren't in the mood/ are pissed/ are pissed off/are ill /are confused/ are short of time/ have an inflated sense of your own importance or are just plain desperate. If you can't enjoy them, use them to threaten the kids with if they don't brush their teeth.

1st guest Blog here from very early in my blogging career. Any thoughts on the meaning of my dream would be welcomed.

                                                         DREAM WEAVING
I had a lovely dream last night where I drove to my friend's house on an errand but had difficulty getting into the drive as it was covered in bracken and I couldn't go round the drive in a loop as I was used to and so found myself stuck. When I got out the car, I realised that Julie hadn't lived there in years. I'd been so busy thinking of my errand that I forgot what I was doing. (In reality it wasn't a house she had ever lived in anyway, though she did once have a house fairly high high up that looked over the sea.)
I had to get out the car to go explain to the people who owned the house why my car was stuck in their drive and I needed their help to get out.
The house was fairly high up on a hillside and I could see a picturesque town below me, quite Scottish in its design. The day was fair and the air was still. I get an overall feeling of warmth. I was very nervous about entering the house t first, I was very disorientated inside and couldn't work out why, but I glimpsed a mother and baby out of the corner of my eye and realised that their was bedroom furniture downstairs and that they'd swapped the rooms around to improve the awkward layout. When a lady around my age appeared, looking a little severe, I told her my plight, apologising profusely but there was a very surprising result. The whole family took it as an opportunity to meet someone new and were so solicitous and charming and caring. The grandad danced with me on the patio; he was a lovely man and I could feel the goodness and contentment radiate from him. They all came outside - 3 generations - and the baby was propped up on a counter in front of us, in the middle of the action, not sidelined. It did slide over to the side as it was so young, but very cute. I felt treasured.
The rest of the night was about looking at houses and lovely villages and looking for the right road over hills and through the countryside as I drove around, trying to get over steep hills. But with this family, I wasn't looking and yet found what I needed. It was lovely.
If I am , as P says, everyone in my dream then I must put myself in their shoes Grandad is the easiest and he thinks "Well, looks, she's done it, She got here at last, it calls for a celebration" and he greets me like a long lost traveller. The young mother is curious but not frightened and absolutely accept that this person wandering into her house, looks like someone who is going to be significant to the family and she looks kind. The son is baffled and curious, it's a bit more of a surprise to him but he's happy to go with the flow. The mother sees her as more of an unknown quantity, she's a little suspicious and reserving judgement. The baby has a definite connection with her. It wants to touch her, which is perhaps why it unbalances. All in all, lots of love and acceptance as a traveller finds her way home to a place she has /has never been before. It felt marvellous

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