Thursday, April 21, 2011

She Wears Short Shorts- Part 1

I have just dropped off a 6 man tent to my daughter, who won't be staying in it and even if she was, it's now too dark to put it up.
I am also trying to stay awake till 1am.

I'll say that again in case you weren't shocked enough...I am trying to stay awake till one-in-the-morning in order to collect Number 1 daughter from the party with the tent, that several teenagers will have tried to put up in the dark.
The same tent that takes 10 sturdy festival-goers (sobriety mandatory) some 1.5 hours to pitch because of its geodetic design and its three 'pods'.

Not to mention its colour co-ordinated poles with fitted keys. The pods always make me feel very new age. Once we've played our annual game of  tent wrestling , we shackle it to the ground and - still too scared to let go of the guy ropes - crack open a few celebratory bottles of hard liquor with our teeth.

Teenagers tipsy on weak punch will never manage.
It'll be a massacre.
It'll pummel them into submission.

I must remember to take my camera when I collect her.

Her 3 young, skinny, snorting stallions (ha ha ha ha ha)  wrestled the tent out of the boot of my car and she skipped down the drive with a cheery 'Cheers Mum' in her very short shorts and the scarf in her hair, a- la- Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan .
    I mentioned that to her the other day but she's never heard of it, nor has she seen Molly Ringwald in 'Pretty in Pink'. I must rectify both situations, she'd feel right at home.

She's wearing my very short shorts from way back when I could wear short shorts  but still looked crap in them.
She looks fabulous; legs up to her ears.       

She also now owns my old bomber jacket and various other bits of vintage. I am so proud.

She is independent. She has found her own style. Thank God she's finding her voice.

Actually, as I write that I can plainly see that she's found my style.

I am so proud!

Anyway- 1am.

 Drumming of fingers. 
'Pah' noise with mouth every now and again.  
Usually by now, I'd have 2 cooking sherries and a swig of lighter fuel. At this rate, I'll have to actually clean the house to stay awake.

I did tell her to bring home everyone that wouldn't fit in the tent but our bathroom is shocking!
The cooker has enough food on, under and around it to cook another meal.
If there was a fire, there would be no unobstructed path to the door.
You think you'll never need a tidy house after 9pm but there was always that time - with Nibbles.

 Yeh! You can look all innocent!

Welcome Multiple Mum and her readers :)


  1. Laughing! I love that she has found your style. She'd die if she knew. But she definitely needs to see those movies. Pronto. Er, did you make it until 1am? Did they get the tent up? Oh my, I'm going to have to go and search out part 2.

    Visiting from the Rewind.

  2. Oh 'Pretty in Pink', one of my favourites :-)

    Did you survive until 1am?

  3. Allison and Tenille (weren't you an 80's pop sensation?)

    She called at midnight and asked to stay over, so I drove down and sized up the parents and dropped off a vest, thermal knickers and gave dirty looks to her young stallions to ward them off.
    Did you find Part Deux? It's here

  4. My daughter (16 next month) has announced she wants to go to Glastonbury in 2 years - gulp. She also wears my old denim shorts but thankfully they aren't too short. I have yet to pick her up at 1am from anywhere...yet.
    Hope everything turned out well.
    Visiting from the weekend rewind. x

  5. Hi Alison, thanks for dropping by. We have things in common-the windbreak and a love of The House at Riverton.

    I took Short Shorts(also 16) on our first mother and daughter festival this year. We had a ball and it taught her the do's and don'ts for when she finally goes without me. It won't be next year though as she's asked me to repeat the experience. Yippee!!! So, make the most of your daughter and a tent for the next two years. x

  6. I'm not very good at this

    I have 2 blogs and so am both Spikey and Pam. Sorry for any confusion. Blogger won't let me switch profiles. Apologies and hope all is clear :$

  7. You make me laugh! so how did it go?

  8. That is so funny (the joys of teenagers). I can't believe you still have your bomber jacket and short shorts? She is lucky to have a stash of 'vintage' at home lol. Thanks for Rewinding Pam x

  9. Collecting vintage in one of my 'thangs' You know where to come for vintage bags, gloves, jackets and various other bits if you are in the UK. I often think I should make it into a business.


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