Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Scintillating Post

I might be lying in the title.

What this post definitely is, is written in the throes of fatigue and it's only 10.19 am (Greenwich meantime). I got up at 6.15 and tried to prize my eyes open with 2 Weetabix. Don't try it at home for the wheat flakes get stuck in your eyelashes.
 At 6.15 am I had had 4.75 sleep hours as my friend called me from
 Letter A with floral decoration and  view details 12 miles away to ask whether her 3 year old daughter was still OK to spend the whole night or was she crying and wanting to go home? They were on their way back.  I said she was fast asleep  and tried not to add  'As I was before you called'.
She had brought said daughter round at 11.30pm which didn't give me enough time to get dressed after the world's quickest bath which was already filled when she called at 11.25 pm to say her eldest daughter looked like a hamster and couldn't move her neck and so they needed to go to Casualty to check it wasn't meningitis.
I had meant to write the blog all cosily in bed, but it wasn't to be.view detailsbtw- this is an imaginary man but one has one's fantasies.

I adore both daughters and their mother, so begrudged nothing; only glad to be able to help in some way. It cannot be denied though, that I was already tired because before that, the whole family had pitched in to try to unravel the mysteries of the new hamster cage and its pods and tunnels and seals since we had never cleaned it out before. It took ages and I got covered in hamster wee. (You will recall that Asbo hamster is an escape artist and so we are now on the 3rd and certainly most elaborate cage since Christmas. Furry Freak!

The children were nearly crying with exhaustion before they were allowed to sojourn.

It was certainly a night for hamsters. The A and E daughter turned out to have mumps!

Before that,I had collected the said 3 year old from nursery and fed her as per our usual tuesday arrangement. Before this, I had tunnelled through 2 rooms and cleared enough space to be able to get from the front door to the washing line unhindered . Two-piece bikini bathing suit hanging on a clothes line

Before that I had spent 3 days with no sleep setting up a new retail business (well, a stall) . It went very well and I may have made as much as £90 profit. I was actually rather chuffed, though in my pre diagnosis life, I charged £250 a day plus expenses. Now, I work 36 hours straight for £90 all-in. Still, if it's improving my mental health... Anyway, I got the family involved so it might be the start of a Spikey and Sons empire. What do you say if you have both daughters and sons as I do? I'd love your thoughts. Nothing sounds right... maybe 'Spikey and Sprogs'. Actually, that has a ring to it.Little girl buying ice cream from a food stand
Before that, there was of course the royal wedding with lots of drinking bucks fizz (cava and OJ) in the morning whilst wearing a silly hat American flag top hat-a bit like this but with a Union Jack on-  crying at how beautiful it all was and becoming an absolute embarrassment to the children .
 I slept through the evening party and was called Party Pooper by all and sundry. Apparently I have no staying power. I am nothing if not experimental though- let's see them try to drink Cava at 10am. That sorts the wheat (abix) from the chaff!
So,I will write something more heartfelt when I don't want to weep and curl up into a little ball through exhaustion and when I have not got double vision.(Yesterday, I spent the whole day thinking I had developed some degenerative eye disease since everything at a distance was very blurry and it was giving me vertigo, despite the glasses only being 1 month old. It was 5 pm before I  realised I was out and about in my reading glasses. Would it be kinder just to give me an injection do you think?)
Suffice to say though, this week has not been my most self assured since my thighs are blocking out the light to the dining room and enough is enough. More of that another day.

Monday, May 2, 2011

holding page

Terribly sorry chaps
normal service will be resumed as soon as possible

Meanwhile, here's a picture of a horse

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