Wednesday, April 6, 2011

PJ's and Primary Schools

view detailsJust done the school run in my PJs and slippers. I know what you are thinking... and you can rest easy. I wore a coat over my dressing gown. I was in the car, so folk only saw my top half and I was careful not to let my daughter out of the car until the pavement was clear and pedestrian parents couldn't squint at my footwear. I am wearing the pyjama bottoms that my dad tells me makes me look like the rear end of an enormous zebra. I would take offence but he only got this view when he made me look at some 'truffles' in my garden which turned out to be toadstools spawned by the damp (and frankly untended conditions) in the front garden. He was all for me entering Masterchef with them before we sought a second opinion.

Off on a journey today and I have enormous amounts of things to do first. Shan't do any of them, I know this by experience. The family and I will turn up with the usual combination of mismatched items that make us look as though we are from the Dennis-The-Menace school of fashion. It's not that we don't have matching outfits, it's just that I am shocking at packing, and I seem to have passed it on.
The house will remain untidy till my return and I may or may not remember to temporarily rehome the Hamster-with-an-Asbo. Neighbours are now used to panicky texts giving instructions in retrospect. They are fine with that as long as they have time to barbed-wire their kitchen cupboards.

Gerbil on the top of its wheel, exercising

The DVDs that I am determined to take back to the library today, will no doubt be due a fine by the time I get back. The daughter I am due to pick up from a dancing extravaganza, half an hour before we get on the train, is only small and easily forgotten.  Her teacher will probably have to post her to me.....Again!!

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