Sunday, May 29, 2011

My name is Spikey, I'm a blogaholic!

Oh hello, hello, hello!!!!

I have been blogged off for some time, there was a squirrel (or some-such) in the doobries.  At least that's what Blogger Help tells me. I paraphrased obviously.
I have just this minute finished telling someone that I was going to concentrate my efforts on writing for cash and that I'd finished with the blog! Then abracadabra, I was back on line, looking at The Tornado Files once more and feeling enormous waves of relief pulsating through my body (no batteries involved) I had forgotten what a lifeline it is to me, since I had been forced to be without it. No wonder my mood slipped and I have been unable to sleep (honestly!)

I did a stupid thing yesterday T- Filers - I was enjoying a rare day without my children and had a celebratory bottle of beer in the afternoon, just because I could. Unfortunately (and I should have seen this coming) after one, I decided to have another and four beers later I was asleep. 
I woke up feeling shit, having done nothing that I had planned or been looking forward to and then once that had gone , I felt really odd.
So, I am making you a pledge Filers. I am done with alcohol. It robs me of time and my life gets shorter every day. It also plays silly buggers with my moods. Please support me in kicking it into touch for I am resolute and resolution tends to waiver when I am thirsty. Every shitty, stupid, ridiculous thing that I have done in my life, I have done with alcohol as my partner.
Get fit, stop drinking, be a good pretend buddhist -these are my goals x
Is anyone else aboard the wagon?

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