Saturday, April 30, 2011

From the heart

. Wills and Kate, if you are reading-this is all your fault. I was more than happy to be happy for you until today. Not for me the Bah Humbug of General Public who whinged about it being too close to Easter, too early in the morning, to early in the year, too soon after announcing the engagement. No, not at all. This is what I thought..
"Hooray! Another reason for a very big party!. We can celebrate our Britishness (we don't do that nearly enough- we spend too much time watching sitcoms set at Thanksgiving, visit France for Bastille day, save for the Rio Carnival.... you get the picutre. But yesterday, of all days, was a day to celebrate the fact that we live on this tiny island called Britain and look what we can do! No-one does carriages better than us. You'd be very hard pressed to find such good-looking story book prices and princesses anywhere elseI've been trying to do some work for 4 hours. I really need to do it. I have been looking forward to this particular piece of work and yet, the will to do it escapes me

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